Dear Friends, Welcome to my website!

My name is Victoria, I have been translating from English to Russian / Hebrew (native speaker) and from Hebrew / Russian (native speaker) to English for ten years.
I love translating texts related to Medicine and Law. Moreover, I have strong background in medicine and law. I have been working on software, for example AutoCAD, Photoshop, Dreamweaver and I am freelance web developer and localization specialist. I utilize strong core language skills with an ability to understand client preferences, utilize required terminology, and communicate efficiently.

Due to my cooperation with Israel doctors who proofread my medical translations, I provide high quality of my work: portfolio.

My translation specialization:
Medical documents:
- discharge epicrisis, medical reports etc.
(examples of my translations portfolio).
Legal documents:
- contracts, agreements;
- foundation documents;
- normative and legal acts of government bodies etc.
- accompanying documents;
- accounting and audit etc.
Business documents:
- business correspondence;
- custom procedures;
- contracts;
- registration documents;
- certificates;
- invoices;
- custom declarations.
Personal documents:
- passports;
- driving license;
- diplomas;
- qualifications;
- certificates;
- marriage certificates;
- IDs;
- records;
- verification letters;
- personal correspondence;
- instructions etc.

Direct business
An advantage of working with a freelance translator is lower costs for a client. This is why a freelance translator is favorably distinguished in the translation industry. Additionally, a freelance translator is interested in long-term cooperation.

I guarantee quality, meeting the deadlines, affordable prices and confidentiality.

Price policy
I recognize each customer’s individual requirements: text complexity, frequency of orders and the volume of translation. Taking into account all these factors, I can offer flexible prices. And you pay only for the amount of work done by the translator.

Special conditions for corporate clients!

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I’ll be happy to work with you!